International Summit Forum of Engineering Science and Technology on “Beidou Navigation and Location Service in Intelligent Era” & Beidou Intelligent Application Conference (Notice No.1)

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    Positioning, Navigation, and Timing, PNT for short, is a concept on spatial-temporal location closely related with economy and social activities after long-term perception, cognition of the phenomena and laws from the Earth, solar system and the universe, as well as relationship with human survival. PNT is also kind of intelligence related with perception and cognition of spatial-temporal location being evolved from long-term and autonomous exchange of material, energy and information between nature and life, which was evolved after billions of years’ interaction from the Earth’s material, energy and information, so that life could survive and reproduce for ever. Therefore, PNT has another name called PNT intelligence, or spatial-temporal intelligence.
    With in-depth advancement and cross-discipline integration of PNT intelligence and artificial intelligence, development of PNT technology has also entered into stage of intelligent PNT. The field of Navigation and Location Service in Intelligent Era should be closely examined to enable this biological spatial-temporal intelligence with machine and environment, so that the advantages of intelligence could be fully played to enable technologies for supporting wide-area and global intelligent cooperative control, as well as facing challenges with traditional geomatics and industry of location services in Intelligent Era. To this end, the International Summit Forum of Engineering Science and Technology on “Beidou Navigation and Location Service in Intelligent Era will be held. Its subject will center on the technological development and industry frontiers of navigation and location services in Intelligent Era, as well as its engineering applications and requirements. Both experts at home and abroad will be invited to discuss PNT applications and spatial-temporal information infrastructure construction, together with other aspects, involving the latest progress in PNT intelligence, prospects on the development of intelligent PNT, etc.
The International Summit Forum on Engineering Science and Technology is a high-level academic forum under leadership of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. It aims at promoting researches on key directional and pioneering issues in the field of engineering science and technology, improving national innovation capabilities and management level, as well as accelerating exchanges among experts in this field and exhibiting their latest scientific and technological achievements.
This forum will be held in Wuhan on July 6-8, 2022, both on-line and in-person, bringing together well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad in the PNT related fields. Through focusing on the requirements of spatial-temporal intelligence, key technologies and applications of PNT intelligence, as well as future development strategies of intelligent PNT, etc, innovative ideas and strategies will be discussed to promote the independent innovation and development capability of our national spatial-temporal intelligence technology, together with its engineering application level.
We sincerely welcome both international and domestic experts and scholars in related fields to participate in this forum!
Host and Organizer
         Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE)
         China Satellite Navigation Committee
    Hubei Provincial People’s Government
         Wuhan People’s Government
      China Satellite Navigation Office (CSNO)
Civil, Hydraulic and Architecture Engineering Division, the Chinese Academy of Engineering
Wuhan University
Hubei Provincial Economy and Information Technology Department
Hubei Provincial Internet Information Office
Office of the Commission for Integrated Military and Civilian Development of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee
Hubei Provincial Development of Reform Commission
Department of Science and Technology of Hubei Province
Department of Natural Resources of Hubei Province
Hubei Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau
      Chinese Society for Geodesy Photogrammetry and Cartography
      GNSS and LBS Association of China (GLAC)
      Hubei Research Institute of China’s Engineering Science and Technology Development Strategy
      Wuhan Association for Science and Technology
Hubei Luojia Laboratory
Hubei Provincial Beidou Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance
Execution Units:
National Satellite Positioning System Engineering and Technology Research Center
Hubei Provincial Beidou High-End Manufacturing Innovation Center
Forum Goal and Topics
Forum Goal: Intelligent Beidou Spatial-Temporal Information for Promoting Digital Economy Development
1. Sub-Forum of Science and Technology on “Navigation and Location Service in Intelligent Era”
Forum Topics:
Topic 1: Precise Positioning Technology and Intelligent Location Service
Topic 2: Autonomous, Intelligent Navigation and Unmanned Systems
Topic 3: Intelligent Integration of Communication, Navigation and Remote Sensing
Topic 4: Low Earth Orbit Satellites and Next Generation Navigation System
Topic 5: Ubiquitous Mapping and High Definition Map
2. Sub-Forum of Industry on “Beidou Intelligent Application and Industrial Chain Construction”
Forum Topics:
Topic 1: Policy, Regulation and International Standard
Topic 2: Large-Scale Application and International Collaboration
Topic 3: Industrial Development and Intelligent Application
Topic 4: High-End Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Chain Eco-construction
3. Sub-Forum of Investment on “Financial Investment Docking with Beidou Industry”
Forum Topics:
Topic 1: Science & Technology Achievement Transformation and Financial Investment Policy
Topic 2: Venture Capital Fund and Beidou Industry Investment Strategy
Topic 3: Risk Investment and Enterprise Financing Strategy
Topic 4: Special Session on Enterprise Roadshow Docking
Conference Organization Structure
Consultation Committee
Chairman: Jiadong Sun
Member: Deren Li, Xianlin Liu, Jiayao Wang, Zuxun Zhang, Jianya Gong,
Changfeng Yang
Academic Committee
Director: Jingnan Liu, Yuanxi Yang
Member: Jun Chen, Xiangsheng Chen, Zhengqing Chen, Kai Cui, Mingjiang Deng
        Xiuli Du, Yanliang Du, Xiating Feng, Xiaonan Gong, Renzhong Guo,
        Huawu He, Chunhong Hu, Ya’an Hu, Wei Huang, Yi Jiang, Xianjing Kong,
        Jiancheng Li, Shucai Li, Jiaping Liu, Jiaping Liu, Xilin Lv, Hongqi Ma,
        Jun Ma, Hongyuan Mei, Jianmin Meng, Changwen Miu, Jianguo Nie,
        Xinqiang Niu, Jinping Ou, Yongzhen Peng, Shunquan Qin, Huiqi Ren,
        Nanqi Ren, Hongwu Tang, Chao Wang, Fuming Wang, Hao Wang,
        Jianguo Wang, Mingyang Wang, Zhiqiang Wu, Xuwen Xiao, Xianqi Xie,
        Jian Xu, Weilin Xu, Xiumin Yang, Yongbin Yang, Qingrui Yue,
        Jianmin Zhang, Jianyun Zhang, Xigang Zhang, Zongliang Zhang,
        Jianlong Zheng, Denghua Zhong, Xuhong Zhou, Hehua Zhu,
        Weimin Zhuang
Conference Date and Venue
Date: July 6th~8th, 3 days
Venue: East Lake International Conference Center Wuhan
Address: Donghu Road 142, Wuchang District, Wuhan. Telephone: 027-68887888
Conference Presentation
This forum takes the form of invited presentations and free talks. Invited presentations will be conducted by conference organizers to invite both international and domestic well-known experts in related fields. If participate would like to give a free talk, please indicate the title of presentation and name of speaker in the conference receipt, with the length of talk not exceed 20 minutes.
Conference Contacts
Kefu Gao   18986213050
Feng Yu    13907116906
Address: Luoyu Road 129, GNSS Research Center, Wuhan University, Wuhan, Hubei, China
Postcode: 430079
Fax:      027-68778240
Conference Receipt:
Further news on “Beidou Navigation and Location Service in Intelligent Era”, the International Summit Forum of Engineering Science and Technology & Beidou Intelligent Application Conference will be posted in the website of GNSS Research Center, Wuhan University (, please stay tuned.
                                                    May 20th, 2022

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